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Guide to pick Best GPS Watches for Children


Although to give yourself peace of mind, kids smart watch are the best way in order to not just be in constant communication with the child of yours. You will find plenty of GPS watches available designed for kids. They’ve different features, purposes, and functions. So it’s by no means a simple job determining that is right for you.

Allow us to make items a little easier on the end of yours as we walk you for kinds of smartphone watches readily available and what functions you need to pay attention to when selecting a watch for the children of yours.

GPS Tracking

As a parent, the children of ours are being lost by the biggest fear of ours. The panic which runs via you as you start to realize you’ve no clue where your baby is actually. This’s a nightmare no parent really wants to experience. Fortunately, there are watches out there which are built with GPS for kids. This enables you to observe the child of yours in time that is real. All you’ve to do is actually obtain an app like Find The Kids of mine and hook it up to your kid’s smartwatch. With rapid as well as reliable worldwide positioning, you never need to challenge exactly where your kid is actually. Some apps might actually allow geofencing.

Meaning, you are able to set geographical boundaries and whenever your kid crosses that boundary, you will get a quick alert.

SOS Alerts

SOS abilities might be just about the most important functions of a smartphone timepiece. Should your kid find themselves in a risky situation, they can drive or even hold a button which will mail away an urgent situation alert to the phone of yours (via the app) and can ring three or perhaps more programmed lines constantly until the call is actually answered. The peace of head that the SOS alert creates is actually invaluable and is completely needed. Make sure you look for this particular characteristic in the watch of the choice of yours.

Two-way Calling

Say what you need, but two way calling is not a requirement. In actuality, only a few smartwatches are built with two way calling. This allows the child of yours to call you and some other programmed numbers also as receive phone calls from those exact same numbers.

You are going to need to buy a SIM card in many cases and subscribe to a movable strategy. Most parents select SpeedTalk by T Mobile as it operates in nearly any country.




Having a digital camera over a kid’s smartwatch is perfect for entertainment purposes only. It’s no safety benefits at all. Nevertheless, kids will like having a camera to have fun with.


While safety is actually paramount, you also need a watch which can stand up to possible damage and heavy usage, particularly water damage.

Therefore when selecting a watch for the child of yours, look for a timepiece which has a sensible rating of IP67 or even higher.

Tech Specs

Do not forget to examine the specifications of each unit.

You would like the watch of yours to have a great battery capacity. Between 400 as well as 500 mAH is actually affordable, higher is much better.

You will also want a fair degree of storage room (any unit with over 2GBs of RAM), along with a great operating system.


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