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Fossil FS4552 Machine Black Chronograph Watch Review


Coming in a muted shade of ion-plated black steel, but sporting an over-sized dial (45mm) and chunky band (24 mm,) the Fossil FS4552 Machine Black Chronograph Watch is designed to produce an air of latent masculinity with some show. Not that the increased exposure of style should come as a shock in a product from Fossil, otherwise noted for manufacturing products for brands such as for instance Armani and Marc Jacobs.


Returning to this watch , the design is most beneficial called simple but not basic and along with scheme is suitably under-stated: an all-black band and black dial with steel blue and white-tipped hands. The manufacturer implies that this was inspired to provide an aeronautical feel, and whilst that is without question marketing spiel, the watch does look streamlined.


FS4552 Wearability

Don´t get too overly enthusiastic with dreams of aeronautics and action men though: whilst sturdy, it is certainly not designed for adventures and even though watch is wearable up to and including depth of 5 atmospheres, or 50 meters, the manufacturers note it is not befitting bathing. It’s therefore unclear, in place of more thorough testing, how well it’d last whilst swimming, though it is advertised as suited to shallow water. We would advise you to appear elsewhere if swimming (or any water-related activity) is a regular pursuit, as this feature is not one of many watch´s key selling points and you can find other products available on the market that are more targeted because of this use and which offer better protection. The FS4552 is better for looking like a motion hero than for being one.


Technical Details

The rest of the technical details are all fairly standard, together might expect from a dependable brand like Fossil. The FS4552 timepiece comes, as do most, with a triple chronograph (timer) function (1 second, 60 seconds, 24 hours) and this is situated on the dial. The watch uses a quartz movement, but we were not provided with more information of its provenance or caliber. Predicated on Fossil´s reputation, and on similar watches, it will likely be reliable but certainly not the high-accuracy quartz of luxury brands and it is probable not Swiss-made. For the average man, this is not a concern though, together would have to be ten times as much for anything more advanced. The band is extra-large, and most men should remove a link or two to ensure a great fit, but this guarantees the watch should fit even larger wrists.


Can it be for you?

The Fossil men’s FS4552 machine black chronograph watch is made for folks who want a watch that complements, in place of overshadowing, their outfit, and the design delivers. It doesn´t have any technical traits that set it apart from its rivals, but it is an attractive watch that goes from day to evening without having to be distractingly flashy. If you´re not an action man, and style is your primary motivation, then this watch is a great choice. Be skeptical on the waterproofing advice though: regardless of the claims, this watch is not given for adventures.


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